Nat Light 4″ Pill Damask Blue Rose Patch


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 This Rosehip & Patchouli 4 “candle burn time is 80 hours +/-


Every one of our Natural Light candles has been created by hand by the talented craftspeople of Bali.  We use only the finest ingredients including pure cotton wicking, a beeswax blend, and aromatic oils from the top European fragrance houses.  All our candles are poured, painted, and finished by hand.

We produce Natural Light candles in a mindful manner in our workshop.  We operate a fair -trade facility, adhering to recognised standards for health, safety, environmental and labour regulations and pay.  We also actively financially support local not for profit environmental charities and constantly ask ourselves how we can be an environmentally and socially responsible member of the community.

Traditional Damask is an ornamental silk fabric with an elaborate pattern woven into it at certain angles. These patterns reflect the light and change with the position of the observer. Still popular today this method was originally perfected in the 12th century and named after the ancient city of Damask. Here we’ve taken traditional Damask patterns and applied them to long burning pillars and luminaries to create elegant and intricately detailed designer candles for your home.