Equilibrium Sleep Natural Bath Salt 200g


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Sleep bath salts that contain magnesium salts (epsom salts), lavender essential oils and lavender flowers. We all have trouble sleeping or know someone who does so we created this sleep range to help.

A lot of people will have a sleepless nights because they feel restless or get cramps in their legs. Having a hot bath with epsom salts  & lavender will soothe your muscles and will help lower your core temperature so that you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. 

Equilibrium Botanicals brings you this natural bath salt that combines epsom salts, Australian sea salt, lavender flowers and lavender essential oil. To give you the ultimate soothing bath time for before bed. 



Epsom salts, Australian sea salt, lavender flowers, lavender essential oils. 


THE BENEFITS OF EPSOM SALTS TO soothe the body, mind & soul

It will relax the body, help with skin sensitivities, soothe back pains + aching limbs, ease muscle strain. Packed full of magnesium.