Melrose Balanced & Lean Sachets


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Melrose Balanced & Lean 30 Sachets


Melrose Balanced and Lean powder contains Red orange extract which has been studied for its active enzymes, showing positive benefits in controlling fat accumulation, to reduce weight naturally. Red orange also contains a high content of pectin fibre, increasing healthy gut flora, as well as helping us to feel fuller for longer, and contributing to weight loss. Additionally red oranges are high in vitamin C, which may help to increase fat metabolism. Beetroot is added to help with optimal blood, oxygen and nutrient flow, contibuting to natural energy production. IMO fibre provides the gut with a rich prebiotic food source, supporting healthy bacteria growth. MCT powder is added to support ketosis as well as dailty sustained energy. MCT also contributes to a healthy metabolism as it does not store fat, thus assisting in healthy weight-loss, alongside a healthy diet and exercise. For this product to be most effective, a full serving should be taken daily to help support normal fat metabolism, energy levels and body weight. It may take up to 12 weeks to see optimal results. Best to be used with a balanced diet and exercise.



Beetroot Powder, Red Orange Extract, IMO, MCT Powder, Orange Oil, Natural Red Orange Flavour, Silicon Dioxide, Natural Sweetner Thaumatin


How to use

Mixed with water
Added to a smoothie
Try stirred through your morning yoghurt