Orgone Effects Cabin Harmonizer

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The Stellar Cabin Disk for use in aircraft while traveling is now more powerful with its radiant effect now built-in, creating an even better aircraft cabin energetic environment, and better for you in those chaotic and frantic airport terminal buildings.

Did you know that an Aircraft cabin may have the same amount of energy-depleting positive charge that an electrical sub-station could have?  This is one reason why passengers may feel various uncomfortable symptoms while in the air and after flying.

The Stellar Cabin Disk Harmonizer may help to neutralize the overwhelming noxious positive charge to a healthy negative charge, which may allow passengers to breathe easier and feel fresher for longer, without the air travel sickness and jet lag symptoms that many experience when traveling on a plane.


The Stellar Cabin Disk is also small enough to keep in a handbag while shopping in large shopping centre.